First things first…

  • STOP feeding kibble!
  • We DO NOT recommend starting with any premade/complete

Most premade raw foods if they are following a good Prey Model feeding ratio will have the 80/10/10 balance. However, when first starting raw we would suggest that you steer clear of feeding these mixes due to their offal and bone content. We suggest boneless for the first few days for the PH to adjust and offal is a very nutrient dense source and as such can cause stomach upset. We advise it being added slowly and in smaller portions at the appropriate time in the transition to allow the dog to get used to this new power pack of nutrition. For the first  7-10 days of transition the stomach PH will be adjusting. Once you start to feed raw the stomach acidity will start to strengthen to be able to digest bone safely and properly. From a kibble PH of around 4-5 feeding raw will encourage the stomach acid to drop to PH 1-2.

How much do I feed?

Most Adult dogs eat around 2% to 3% of their ideal adult weight per day. Start with 2.5%, more if active, less if couch potato – depends on individual dogs. Please use our calculator on our website to help you work out what your dog should be eating per day. 

Our Recommended Stages

Stage One

For the first 5-7 days we would suggest feeding Boneless, Skinless Chicken, Turkey, Duck or you can start with Green Tripe. We recommend starting with Green Tripe, either Lamb or Beef, as it’s really gentle and a natural probiotic. Avoid Red meats at this stage as they are very rich. During this week, expect loose and dark coloured stools as your Dog/Cat will go through a detrox process upon transitioning. 

Stage Two

After Stage One, you can now start introduction Bone. Stick with your starter protein that you choose during the first week (Tripe/Turkey/Duck/Chicken) and add 10% of soft bone, neck or wings or you can feed a mince 10% of meat and bone. 

Stage Three

Now it’s time to introduce organ, 5% Liver and 5% another secreting organ. Keep to your starting protein and move on to “Completes”. When introducing organ, it’s best to do it slowly as too much organ too soon can cause loose stools.  Using a “complete” food ensures your pet gets the correct balance in each meal. 

Stage Four

Start introducing new Complete proteins slowly, each new protein should be fed for over a minimum three day period. This will give you enough time to notice if the new protein is causing your dog any problems. The More Red Meats, The Better!

Stage Five

After 3-4 new proteins have successfully been introduced, you can now start introducing Oily Fish. We recommend starting small with Sprats or you can start with Oily Fish minces, which ever you prefer. Fish needs to be 15% of your Dog or Cats over all diet. 

All fresh caught AND store bought fish should be frozen for 3 weeks to kill any parasites. 

Stage Six

After Fish has been introduced, it’s now time to introduce Raw Egg. Egg should be fed Twice a week for Dogs, and one every other week for Cats.
Chicken, Duck, Goose & Quail eggs are all fine, but avoid chicken eggs in your dog has an intolerance to Chicken.