FF Duck & Tripe 1kg

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1 review for FF Duck & Tripe 1kg

  1. Mrs C Coles

    Our 4 month old Patterdale Terrier puppy loves this. At first I was a bit sceptic about tripe but she seems to love it, when I was in the shop they advised that raw tripe is probiotic, so I would rather my dog have what she loves than worry about my hang ups. She especially likes Duck, Lamb & Tripe and gets very excited when we get it out of the fridge. So far we can’t believe the change in her, she doesn’t beg for our food, clears her own food without leaving it hanging around and the outcome is much easier to pick up. No smelly breath so far (we are also giving Billy no Mates in her morning feed, which does produce a curry like smell), which when feeding ‘normal’ dog food to our previous dog, did incur a rather smelly breath even after a scale and polish still prevailed.

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